About M3M Foundation: Public Charitable Trust,Charitable Trust in Delhi.

About Us

M3M Foundation

Empowering to Evolve

M3M Foundation is the philanthropic arm of M3M Group; working towards bringing an equitable development that helps in attaining a brighter India. The Foundation envisions growth and development for all through support to government initiatives and proactive steps in the developmental regime. It is determined to bring development across all sections of the society by undertaking projects that ensure holistic growth. The prime focus of the foundation is on health, education, disaster management and socio-economic development to transform rural lifestyle.



To empower the vulnerable section of the society including the marginalized, differently abled, women and children to fulfil the dream of holistic, equitable, inclusive and sustainable development in India.


To work systemically towards improving the plight of the vulnerable section of the society through financial, material, psychological and other means in fields of healthcare, women empowerment, education and environment in collaboration with various stakeholders to realize the vision of holistic development.



Sh. LAL Chand Bansal is the patriarch behind M3M foundation. A benevolent gentleman, he is religious and believes in the philosophy of karma. He feels that everyone should do their bit in bringing about a social change.

Founder's Message

India is growing at a rapid pace and is now a major player in the Global Economic Sphere. India’s growth story would be incomplete without an active role of organisations that are helping to achieve the development. The development on the economic front needs to be supported by social phenomena to ensure incessant growth. The corporate sector has played an important role and needs to continue the effort through active participation in social development.

Well directed philanthropic activities have the potential to create a radical change in the society. This is the core philosophy of M3M Foundation; it is working to bring about an equitable growth in the country that will ensure a brighter India. It aims to bring about social change through assistance in the fields of education, healthcare, women empowerment, rural development and partnership with NGOs.